Management Services

Our management services include:

Managing the approved building budget including collection of dues from owners and residents, management of a dedicated bank account for the property, payment and responsibility for employees of the property.  

Our experienced team will prepare a maintenance and management budget for approval and are fully responsible for maintaining the budget with complete transparency.  

We maintain your property to the highest standards, protecting your investment and your quality of life.  In addition to regular service and maintenance of the building, our loyalty to our clients includes a long-term preventative maintenance plan saving costly emergency repairs of major systems and keeping your building running smoothly.

Available to you 24/7 throughout the year, we are here to handle any standard maintenance requirements as well as any urgent matters that may arise.

Securing the best suppliers both in terms of cost and in terms of quality is our specialty.  This includes finding the best insurance policies, handling any claims that may arise and negotiating policy renewals.   We take responsibility supervising outside contractors required for any approved work on the building, and handle the purchase of any equipment and supplies as needed

Our Services
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