Maintains property structural insurance, claim handling and correspondence with assessors and other professionals as required
One of the first professional leading management companies in Jerusalem since 1986
Provide professional and courteous service with full transparency and availability 24 hours a day 365 day a year
We have our property owner's interests in mind providing professionalism and loyalty service with a long-term vision
24/7 Emergency service Hotline
Reliable and professional proven service and relative services all under one roof
Management and services for house committees, luxury buildings, office and commercial buildings, apartments buildings and private homes.
Provides collecting services, separate monthly / semi-annual reports, balance sheets and budgets accounting for each of our project's individually.
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MODRON – Property Management & Maintenance Ltd.
Modron a company with proven experience of 40 years in management and maintenance of buildings, Modron provide a professional service and solution in all aspects of property management and maintenance, including services for House committees, luxury residential buildings and businesses all under one roof.
Services provided by our company:
Collection and accounting services, banking services and payments, balance sheets and budgets, with complete transparency.
Ongoing and preventive maintenance of property’s, elevator maintenance, air conditioning, generators, pumps, electric panels, water systems, pumps and storage pools, gyms, swimming pools, intercom and communications systems, CCTV cameras and fire alarm systems.
Renovations and improvements as required by property owners and needs, including accessibility and safety needs.
Cleaning and pest control services, security services and more according to customer’s needs, 365 days a year 24 Hours a day.
Modron supervises the existence of insurance policies for buildings that include a very wide coverage accompanied by insurance advisers, professionals and assessors handling claims against the insurance companies.

Our Services
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